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Core Drills

Hand-Held Core Drills, Compact & Cased Drills, ABV Core Drills, Pro Series Core Drills, Hydraulic Core Drills, Exco-KwikCore, Exco-KwikCore Accessories


Exco Kwikcore™ Anchorless Coring Systems 


Generator Honda, Generator Vangard, Watts Generator

Grinding & Polishing Equipment

Concrete Grinder TEQ-Lok, Grinder with Plate, Polisher Variable Speed

Hand Saws & Wall Saws

Green Concrete Saws, Hydraulic Hand Saws, Handheld Concrete Saws, Electric Hand Saws, and Flush Cut Conversion Kits.

Hydraulic Tools & Accesories

Breakers & Rock Drills, Hydraulic Power Packs, Core Drills, Ring Saws, Curb Cut Saws, Chain Saws Hoses & Accessories, Water Pumps & Trash Pumps, Hydraulic Hand Saws

Power Tools & Accessories

Drills, Angle Grinders, Impact, Hammer Drills, Saws, and Accessories. Plus Cordless Power tools for Drilling, Grinding, and Cutting.

Pressure Washers

Nacecare™ Pressure Washers, electric, compact, and portable power washers. Pressure Washers with 1400 PSI and 1600 PSI

Scrubbers & Burnishers

Compact Floor Scrubbers, Industrial Floor Scrubbers, Twintec Battery Floor Scrubbers, Commercial Floor Scrubbers, Self Propelled Industrial Floor Scrubbers, Industrial & Healthcare Floor Scrubbers, Vairo Automatic Floor Scrubbers

Vacuums 250-600+ CFM & HEPA

Industrial Vacuums 250-600+ CFM & HEPA high volume and CFM vacuum for concrete Dust control. CFM Vacuum With Generator, CFM Vacuum With Generator, DRAYGON Vacuum with Generator, Hose, Hose Splitter, Filter, Dust Droid, Triple Motor Fine Dust.

Vacuums 95-250 CFM & Slurry

Silica Dust Control Table 1 Vacuums for Concrete Dust Control 95-250 CFM HEPA Vacuums and Accessories, concrete slurry control vacuums, wet vacuums for slurry, 55 Gallon drum vacuums, HEPA Certified vacuums.